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Ghost of Tsushima 2 & Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Reveal Not Happening Anytime Soon

Sucker Punch Productions’ Ghost of Tsushima 2 and Bioware’s Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will not be getting revealed anytime soon, based on the latest information.

Speaking during the latest episode of Game Mess Decides, Jeff Grubb, who is known for his sources in the games industry, stated that Dragon Age: Dreadwolf and Ghost of Tsushima 2 are unlikely to make an appearance at the upcoming PlayStation Showcase on May 24, 2023.

Ghost of tsushima 2 dragon age dreadwolf

Regarding Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, Grubb mentioned that the action role-playing game won’t see the light of day until until Summer 2024 at the earliest.

Grubb’s information checks out, as it was recently revealed via EA’s Fiscal Year Earnings report for 2024 that Dragon Age 4: Dreadwolf will be released sometime after March, 2024. Based on the release schedule outlined by the publisher, the games slated for release between the period of April, 2023 and March, 2024 include PGA Tour, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle Earth, Super Mega Baseball 4, F1, Immortals of Aveum, Madden 24, EA Sports FC, and NHL 24.

This indicated that both Dragon Age 4: Dreadwolf and Skate will hit store shelves sometime after March, 2024. This is somewhat expected, as Dragon Age 4: Dreadwolf has yet to receive a proper gameplay reveal. That said, there has been a rather brief leak, which showed off some alleged gameplay footage.

The aforementioned gameplay footage from Dragon Age 4: Dreadwolf showed off the game’s combat in action. The game appears to feature a dodge mechanic of some sort, a charge attack using the sword, and a running strike capable of knocking down enemies. The health bar on the playable character as well as non-playable characters is visible above them.

The menu screen from Dragon Age: Dreadwolf had also appeared among the leaked footage. It features a section dedicated to the world map, one for your character class abilities and equipment, one dedicated to companions, one for unlocking skills and progression, and one for collections. The in-game currency and resources can also be seen in the menu screen.

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