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Epic Games Store Free Game List For July 2023: All Rumored & Confirmed Games

Just as every other month, the Epic Games Store will offer a weekly lineup of free games for July, 2023. This article discusses all the rumored and confirmed available games.

As is usually the case, a free game or two are given away as part of the platform’s weekly promotion. This month’s games will be available on the Epic Games Store starting from July 6, 2023. Those who’d like to grab them should be mindful of the duration of their availability.

Epic games store july 2023

July 2023 Free Games On Epic Games Store

The list of free games available on the Epic Games Store during the month of July, 2023 can be seen below.

GRIME is a Metroidvania platform-adventure game that was developed by the Israeli game studio Clover Bite and published by Akupara Games. It was initially released on August 2, 2021, for Windows through the Epic Games Store, Steam, and GOG. Additionally, it became available on Google Stadia as part of Stadia Pro. Currently, the game is being developed for ports on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.

Players embark on a journey through a meticulously crafted world that embodies perfect proportions and anatomy. As players progress, they uncover the rich history of this world and discover why its inhabitants refer to them as “the chiseled one.” The player character is composed of Breath, a vital resource that depletes during the process of shaping their form. This depletion results in various incomplete shapes, such as heads and hands, scattered throughout the world.

Clover Bite is an in-house game development studio located in Haifa, Israel, operating under the Tiltan School of Design. The studio worked in collaboration with Akupara Games, who handled the game’s publishing.

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