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FIFA 21 Title Update 8 Version 1.003 Is Out For PS5 and XSX, Here Are The Patch Notes

EA Sports has updated FIFA 21 for PS5 and Xbox Series X. They will also release an update for PS4 and Xbox One. The full patch notes can be seen here.

EA Sports had updated the PC version of FIFA 21 on January 11. This was title update 8 has arrived today on January 19 for PS5 and Xbox Series X. This will also release sometime later this week for PS4 and Xbox One.

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The patch notes for this update are massive, to say the least, and there are a huge number of bug fixes for every section of FIFA 21.

FIFA 21 Title Update 8 Version 1.003 Patch Notes


Made the following changes:

  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] Reduced the speed at which the ball travels when performing Driven or Driven Ground crosses.
  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only]Decreased how accurate a volley can be if the ball is reaching the shot taker at a high speed.
  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] Further improved interception logic in situations where the defending player is directly in the ball’s path.
  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] Decreased player transition speed into a Fake Shot while Sprinting, after the Skill Move was successfully requested.

Addressed the following issues:

  • [PS5 and XS|X Only] In rare instances, players would teleport during a non-gameplay foul scene following an advantage.
  • [PS5 and XS|X Only] Improved animation selection logic when attempting to make a save as a player-controlled goalkeeper.
  • [PS5 and XS|X Only] Sometimes, fouls around the edge of the box were resulting in seemingly incorrect ball placement for the following set piece.
  • [PS5 and XS|X Only] Improved referee logic in situations where a professional foul is committed by the last player in defense, impacting a potential attacking opportunity.
  • [PS5 and XS|X Only] Adjusted referee logic to better evaluate when a yellow card should be given.
  • [PS5 and XS|X Only] In some cases, referees did not make the correct foul call following a physical contest or Standing Tackle.
  • [PS5 and XS|X Only] Reduced some instances of the ball carrier stumbling after minimal physical contact in the box.
  • [PS5 and XS|X Only] In some situations, a player who was attempting to intercept a pass would incorrectly move their foot away from the ball.

FIFA Ultimate Team

Addressed the following issues:

  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] When loading a Squad Battles match, the Opponent’s Squad screen sometimes disappeared too quickly.
  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] A potential stability issue could occur when the Captain invited a friend to the Co-Op Lobby.
  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] The Add A Guest button callout UI was overlapped in Friendlies and Online Draft match lobbies.

Career Mode

Made the following changes:

  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] Made the Schedule Rules easier to view while on the Weekly Schedule screen for Training.
  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] Adjusted Training UI to emphasize potential Sharpness gains where appropriate.
  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] Updated the Interactive Match Sim UI when penalty kicks and penalty kick shootouts occur.
  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] Added the ability to select a player for a Training Drill when they were already selected for a Training Drill. Doing so will prompt a confirmation pop-up.

Addressed the following issues:

  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] The Achieve a High Finish Board Objective incorrectly displayed as the Qualify For Europe Board Objective.
  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] An incorrect Press Conference question could sometimes be asked after the player won their respective league competition.
  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] Emails regarding unsettled youth players did not contain a shortcut to the Youth Academy.
  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] Improved transitions between Training Drills.
  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] Negotiation scenes were displaying identical and incorrect Managers for both teams.
  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] The Golden Boot Award News story sometimes displayed incorrect text.
  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] When a Youth Player became unsettled, two emails would be sent to the player controlled manager instead of one.
  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] In Player Career, the Virtual Pro’s Matches Played statistic was not tracking correctly when matches were partially simulated, and the Virtual Pro was substituted out of the match before the simulation took place.
  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] A typo was on the Development Plans tutorial screen.


Addressed the following issues:

  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] In some instances, the post match Event Progress screen would incorrectly state that there were two or four Captains on the same team, instead of one.
  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] Drop In VOLTA SQUADS lobbies were not correctly disbanding after dropping below the minimum number of players.
  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] In Featured Battles, after hitting a Milestone, the ‘Next Reward’ displayed was the reward you had just earned.
  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] The post match Recruitment screen could become visually corrupted if a player didn’t have a ‘Known As’ name defined.
  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] The “Claim Reward” text was difficult to read on the Objectives screen.
  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] In certain languages, some of the Objective descriptions were being cut off.
  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] Sometimes, VOLTA COINS and Skill Points did not immediately update on menu UI following match completion.
    • This was a visual issue only and players were getting the correct amount of VOLTA COINS and Skill Points.

FIFA Online

Made the following changes:

  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] In Online Season and Co-Op Seasons, FIFA Attributes are now using the default setting that was previously only available for Kick Off matches, meaning that in-game Attributes are modified based on each player’s position.
  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] Added bubbles in appropriate scenes when playing as West Ham United.
  • [PS5 and XSX|S Only] In Online Friendlies match lobbies, players can now choose to enable default FIFA Attributes.

The patch notes for PS4, Xbox One, and the PC version can be found here.

FIFA 21 is available now for PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS5, and Xbox Series.

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