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A Film Or TV Adaptation Of Kingdom Hearts Is Reportedly In The Works At Disney

A film or TV adaptation of Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts series is currently in the works at Disney, as per the latest information.

According to Twitter/X insider DanielRPK, Disney is currently working on an adaptation of Kingdom Hearts, though it is unknown whether it will be a film or a TV series. Perhaps this is what series creator Tetsuya Nomura meant when he vaguely talked about a different direction for the series. Of course, we won’t know for sure until there is official confirmation in this regard.

Kingdom hearts film tv

The idea of Disney making a Kingdom Hearts movie is a bit of a no-brainer, given that the game uses characters and settings from many of the company’s franchises. As for whether the movie or TV series will tell its own story or whether it will be a re-telling of the original Kingdom Hearts is unknown at this point. We’re inclined to believe that the adaptation will may be set somewhere between the events of Kingdom Hearts 3 and Kingdom Hearts 4.

The aforementioned Kingdom Hearts IV was officially announced two years ago in April, 2024. The ending of the Re Mind DLC for Kingdom Hearts 3 had hinted at a sequel. Very little is known about the game at this point. It was initially being developed using Unreal Engine 4, though the development team planned on shifting to Unreal Engine 5 before the final release.

The game begins the “Lost Master” story arc in Quadratum, a city reminiscent of Tokyo. Players explore this realistic world, featuring fictionalized versions of Shibuya and Minami-Aoyama, with Sora’s apartment serving as the initial home base. Quadratum serves as a central hub, with players revisiting it between journeys to various Disney-themed worlds. The game’s expanded world count reflects advancements in hardware capabilities since the series’ inception. Sora’s appearance in Kingdom Hearts IV has undergone a makeover, adopting an art style more inclined towards realism.

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