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Gears of War Voice Actor Hints At New Game Announcement Coming In June

A voice actor from The Coalition’s third-person shooter series, Gears of War, has hinted at a new game announcement coming in June.

According to JD Fenix voice actor Liam McIntyre, a Gears of War related announcement, likely referring to Gears 6, is planned for June, 2024. He mentioned this on Twitter/X in response to a post regarding the canonical fate of Fenix. In two months, fans of the character can look forward to finding out whether he manages to survive and appear in the next game.

Gears of war announcement

Furthermore, McIntyre responded to another post that mentioned the need for a version of the Gears 5 ending where both Fenix and Del manage to survive. In his response, he jokingly said, “I pitched exactly that to Rod [Fergusson], but then he left lol Hopefully that’s not related :)”

An Xbox showcase presentation is expected to happen in June, 2024, and McIntyre’s statement has all but confirmed that Gears 6 will be revealed at the event.

In related news, Reset Era member Shinobi recently took to the forum to respond to another member who hoped for Gears 6 to include a 60 fps performance mode on Xbox consoles. In his response, he told his fellow forum member not to worry, suggesting that he’s confident about the game targeting 60 fps, at least in one of the graphics modes that will be available to players.

This confirmation of sorts from an industry insider ought to be reassuring for fans, who have expressed concern over the recent slew of first party Xbox games that don’t offer a 60 fps performance mode, including Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, Starfield, and Redfall (at launch). Given how the series is also known for its multiplayer, it was highly unlikely for it to run at 30 fps to begin with. The campaign, however, may have targeted 30 fps, but it’s good to hear that it too will offer a 60 fps performance mode.

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