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Final Fantasy 15 Developers Start Work On a New AAA IP For Next-Generation Consoles (PS5)

Final Fantasy 15 developers have started to work on a new project after releasing the last DLC expansion for the game. Episode Ardyn was developed by Luminous Productions who have primarily worked on Final Fantasy 15.

Takeshi Terada is the director of some of the DLC expansions of Final Fantasy 15 and he is heading the team at Luminous Productions to work on a new AAA IP. He dropped this information in an interview with Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu.

“The team that created ‘Final Fantasy 15’ wants to create a new AAA title that is not an existing IP, it is why Luminous Productions was born,” said Terada in reply to a question about their future projects.

“I can not talk about the details, but like ‘Final Fantasy 15,’ I will create a game based on a new world drawn with high quality, high end. Please be assured that the next project is already in motion.”

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Final Fantasy 15’s last story DLC is focused on its villain, Ardyn. It was released today for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This was supposed to be the first out of the four new episodic DLC that Luminous Productions had planned for the game, but three of them were scrapped and the focus was shifted to the new AAA IP at the end of last year.

Final Fantasy 15 director and the head of Luminous Productions, Hajime Tabata also left Square Enix after which the news of the DLC being canceled was confirmed by the company and they had to write it off as a loss in order to refocus the team on the new project. They are planning to release the story of the remaining three DLC in the form of a visual novel which will be out later this year.

Source (Famitsu)

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