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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide: How To Beat Airbuster On Hard Mode

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has a hard mode with tougher boss fights. Here’s how you can beat Airbuster in Final Fantasy VII Remake hard mode.

Just like the original version of Final Fantasy 7, the Airbuster fight is back in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. It’s a very tense battle between man and machine.

As this battle would be a long and relatively difficult battle, so in this guide, we will help you to go through this battle if you are finding it difficult to defeat the Airbuster.

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Below we have everything you need to get through this battle.

How to Weaken Airbuster in Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

While going towards the Airbuster battle, you will go through a number of rooms that will be full of Shinra troops. After defeating them you will get a note through which you can remove the parts of Airbuster’s mechanical makeup. It will weaken the Airbuster boss before starting the battle. Go through all the rooms very carefully because you may find key cards in them.

After getting the keys you will have to choose which part you want to strip away from the Airbuster. You can either remove Goro – M ‘s which will limit its item in the battle or you can remove it’s Big buster shells which limit its number of devastating rockets the boss uses in the battle. But through our experience, the best part to remove which is found very essential in defeating the boss is Airbuster’s Al Programming cores. It will slow down the boss and you will have a great chance to beat it up because usually it’s very fast and you have to be on top of it all the time.

How To Beat Airbuster in FF7 Remake?

After you have weakened the Airbuster, make all of your characters equipped with lighting Materia before starting the battle. The weakness of Airbuster is lightning Materia so make sure that every character is equipped with it to chain them up and immobilize the boss. If you have the elemental support Materia from the previous chapter combine with lightning Materia, it will help you to deal with huge damage with every sword slash.

The player has to make sure that no characters are wasting their ATB just like in all the boss battles in FF7 Remake. You have to keep switching the characters so that you can use their skills at the proper time. Tifa will be helpful in this fight because her chakra ability can regain with using any resources. The Airbuster can be quickly staggered if you combine her attacks and her abilities that will increase her stagger capabilities.

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You have to watch out its charged laser attack and lighting strike by ducking out of its targeted area. When the Airbuster summons its two hands and then send them to both ends of the bridge, you should divide the parties into both sides and cripple it.

The Airbuster will enter into a new phase at some point and it will fly away from the team, so you will have to make sure that Barret has a full health because he will help to deal with damage while Tifa and Cloud have no defense. You can Attack the boss with Gattling Gun using Barret While Tifa and Cloud can use the time to healing their health power.

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