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Xbox Game Pass May Update Might Be The Best One So Far

Microsoft has announced a major game that is being added to Xbox Game Pass in May. It is perhaps the most important update so far.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was first released for the PS4 and Xbox One in October 2018. The game was then later ported to PC and launched late last year. It is also enhanced for the Xbox One X where it runs at native 4K resolution. Now Microsoft is adding the game free for all Game Pass subscribers and replacing Grand Theft Auto V in its place.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 was announced as coming to Xbox Game Pass on May 7. The game will be available to play for all the subscribers of this subscription service but it is only coming for consoles and not PC. Grand Theft Auto V will be removed from Game Pass and replaced with Red Dead Redemption 2.

While Rockstar Games had great success with Grand Theft Auto V, their second-biggest project this generation was Red Dead Redemption 2. It was a huge success both critically and commercially and continues to do well. Rockstar Games has added its own Red Dead Online mode that works similarly to GTA Online and gets frequent free updates.

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In addition to Red Dead Redemption 2, subscribers can also download Yakuza Kiwami which has launched today. It is available from day one to all Game Pass subscribers so if you have an active subscription, this is a good time as any to jump back and play these new games.

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