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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide: How To Beat Hell House On Hard Mode

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has a hard mode with tougher boss fights. Here’s how you can beat Hell House in Final Fantasy VII Remake hard mode.

Hell House is the last opponent in the Colosseum Tournament. For many, this will be the hardest boss fight in the game mainly due to the design of the battle. Hell House can’t be damaged easily and he deals a large amount of damage. You will need to come fully prepared for the fight and equip powerful Elemental Materia since magic is the only thing that will work with the boss.

How To Defeat Hell House In Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

You need to be prepared for the fight by equipping all Elemental Metaria that includes Fire, Wind, Ice, and Lightning. Aerith should limit to performing cure and healing the party since Cloud will be better suited for the battle. For summons, bring either Ifrit or Shiva.

Using precise elemental spells on the boss as it transforms into numerous forms is the best way to destroy it. The house will transform into Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Wind-based forms during the combat, and you may harm him by utilizing the opposing elements. Fire is weak to Ice and the opposite is true as well. Similarly, Wind is weak to Lightning and Lightning is weak to Wind.

You’ll have to concentrate on the battle to employ the correct element against the Hell House at the right time due to its shape-altering abilities. Figure out which Elemental it is using during a particular shifting phase by looking at the attack pattern e.g fire, ice, wind, or lightning. Use the opposite element on the Hell House to deal damage to it.

It’s recommended to utilize Aerith’s Arcane Wand and magical spells to boost the pressurized meter during the early part of the battle. This will help you stagger the Hell House. If you can get it to stagger, you need to use Cloud’s sword to deal damage to the house.

Hell House will be able to transform into God’s House Form after the first half of the battle. It gets a shield around for protection and reducing the amount of damage it takes from any physical attacks. Once the shield is gone, you can continue to keep attack the boss with the Elemental Materia. Arcane Wind will help you replenish any MP that is lost during this battle. If you can stagger Hell House, you should start by summing Ifrit or Shiva to increase the frequency of damage. If the Hell House is flying, your best bet is to hit it with Aerith using magic spells.

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