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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide: How To Beat Hell House On Hard Mode

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has a hard mode with tougher boss fights. Here’s how you can beat Hell House in Final Fantasy VII Remake hard mode.

Hell House is the last enemy Cloud and Aerith have to defeat in order to win. He is one of the weirdest enemies of this series that makes a return to Final Fantasy 7 Remake. This battle is tied to the colosseum tournament. This multi-stage boss is very difficult to defeat. It not only boasts a bunch of unique attacks but, the player will be forced to switch up their elemental damage if they want to stagger this foe. It is also extremely hit by the house, especially in the stage when your damage power is reduced by it during some moments. Hell House is one of the trickiest bosses In Final Fantasy 7 Remake if you don’t have a lot of leveled up elemental Materia.

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How To Defeat Hell House In Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

The player should have a Fire, Wind, Ice, and Lightning Materia equipped before you start the fight. We suggest you have Aerith run cure because it is a solid healing Spell and Cloud will be the main face of the battle. We also suggest you have Ifrit or Shiva with you as they are ]best suited for this battle because the house mobility will able to keep the bird down.

The best technique to defeat this boss is by using the accurate elemental spells against the boss as it shifts into different forms. In the battle, the house will shift its form into Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Wind-based and you can damage him by using the opposite elements. Below we have mentioned all the weaknesses of the forms the house will take in the battle.

  • Fire – Weak to Ice
  • Ice – Weak to Fire
  • Wind – Weak to Lightning
  • Lightning – Weak to Wind

Because of its form shifting, you will have to focus on the battle to use the right element against the house at the right time. The elements will help you to determine the type of attack you have to use against the house so it gives you time to counter the house’s moves. So when the house will change to Fire, you will know that now the house will launch flamming chairs on Cloud, and in the Lighting form, it will charge to stun the player. The Wind version of the house will suck one of the party players into it while the ice version will launch projectiles.

If you want to stagger the house during the first half of the battle, it would be best to use Aerith’s Arcane Wand and magical spells in order to raise the pressured meter. The player should stay at a distance from the house because the house has a strong Area of Effect attack. Use the combination of Cloud’s sword abilities once the boss is staggered in order to hack away at Hell House’s health.

After half of the battle, the house will be able to shift into God’s House Form.  It means the house will have a shield around itself, so it will have less damage from all the incoming physical attacks. After the shield is lowered the house will have great damage to the Pressured meter. The boss will exit the house and will shift itself into elemental form again, so quickly hit him with the right spells. When the house is shielded use the Arcane Wand or heal to restore your MP points.

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You should summon at the same time when the boss is staggered otherwise summon will not be useful. When the boss will start flying around, switch to Aerith and then hit the boss with magic attacks. Cloud will not be useful when the boss is flying so use Cloud to help Aerith while fighting with the boss.

You have to keep this process several times in order to defeat the boss, Use the right opposing elemental spells. By doing all this you will not have any trouble with the boss.

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