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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How To Defeat Pride and Joy and Get Ultimate Weapon Trophy

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has a secret boss battle with Pride and Joy Prototype which also rewards Ultimate Weapon trophy. Here’s how you can defeat him.

After completing Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you will get an optional chance to play the game again on Hard Mode. In the hard mode, there are several extra challenges as a bonus in which you fight with FF7 Remake’s Secret Final boss: Pride and Joy Prototype. It will be a difficult boss to beat so in this guide we help you to beat the boss and win the battle.

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How to Unlock The Pride and Joy Prototype Battle In FF7 Remake?

In order to unlock FF7 Remake’s final boss, you will have to collect all of Chadley’s Battle Intel reports. You have to win every Coroneo Colosseum fight (from chapters 9 and 14) and all of the 13 Shinra combat simulator missions (from chapters 16 and 17) should be completed. If you do all these things mentioned above and the final boss is still not unlocked, then you would be missing Aerith’s Solo fight. She has a solo fight in Corneo Colosseum and a Solo Shinra combat in Chapter 17 which will be available after you complete Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Story.

final fantasy 7 remake pride and joy boss fight

If the final boss battle is still not showing after completing all the Shinra simulator mission go back to Chadley while you are playing the game on Hard mode. Chadley will have a few more missions for you to complete.

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After you complete all the missions given by Chadley, he will unlock the battle against the Pride and Joy Prototype in the Shinra Combat simulator.

How to Prepare For the Pride and Joy Prototype Battle in FF7 Remake

The battle has a total five rounds. In the first four rounds, you will fight against summons that you face before when Chadley asked you for his research.  First, you will have to go through Shiva, Fat Chocobo, Leviathan, Bahamut and then it will end on the fight with Pride and Joy Prototype. You won’t be able to access items during the battle so you can’t depend on Phoneix Down if one of the characters goes down during the battle. You should have Cloud, Barret, and Aerith in the team. In the Battle Cloud and Barret should focus on damage and Aerith do her part as a healer.

Every character should equip at least on HP Up, and Raise Materia, while Aerith will equip two Magic Ups and two MP Ups. The elemental Materia should be placed on Cloud’s and Barret’s armor and they should have Fire and Lightning Materia. You can also give Cloud and Barret the Barrier Materia which helps them in protection. You will need manawal to keep your team safe.

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Before starting the battle check that all of your Materia is maxed up because they are essential in the battle. If they are not maxed you should head back and max them up before entering the battle.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Pride and Joy Prototype Boss Battle Guide

After going through the first four fights, you will enter the final battle with Pride and Joy Prototype. This fight will be the easiest one in the mission. They will attack at a close range so keep your team at a distance so Cloud can occupy its attention. If any of the team members die, Aerith should be ready to revive them as needed.

You can easily give damage to the boss by attacking it from behind because it’s turning ability is very slow and it can easily be staggered if you damage it’s both feet. You have to save your MP in case the boss grabs any one of your teams. Attack it with its weakness, by using thunder attacks.

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Once you defeat the boss, the game’s best accessory, “Gotterdammerung” will be given to you as a reward. It will help you to activate your Limit Break at the start of a battle. Your limit break gauge will also refill while going through the battle. To get this you should try to hunt down Pride and Joy Prototype after completing the main story.

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