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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Battle Intel: How To Get Every Battle Intel Report

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has a lot of side-content and one of these is the Battle Intel Report. Here’s how you can collect 20 of them in the game.

In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Chadley may be found at all “city stops” throughout the game. In the game, there are a total of 20 battle intel reports. You can play on the easier difficulty to easily win them.

Through this guide, you will be able to know about all the battle intel reports and how to get them.

1- Monster Bio Pt.1

You must use Assess Materia on two opponents to determine their vulnerabilities. Once you’ve obtained the Assess Materia, use it on two foes to discover their flaws.

2 – Magic Elements Pt.1

You will need to obtain all of the necessary elemental materia. You have three elements at your disposal to attack your opponents (Lightning, Ice, and Fire). You can only attack them with one element at a time and try to exploit their elemental weakness.

3 – The Stagger Effect Pt .1

You must utilize the Unique abilities against Staggered opponents 10 times to power up the ATB gauges. Charge the ATB gauge bar by striking the opponent when it is staggered.

4 – The Stagger Effect Pt . 2

This may be obtained by striking 15 stagger-type opponents.

5 – Combat Simulation: Shiva

You must fight Shiva in order to obtain Shiva Summon Materia.

6 – Monster Bio Pt.2

As in Monster Bio pt 1, you must assess ten different sorts of enemies.

final fantasy 7 remake battle intel report

7 – Magic Elements Pt.2

Use Asses to determine the enemy’s weak points. You must exploit the flaws of 15 different sorts of enemies. You can only attack the enemy with one sort of magic materia at a time, much like in Magic Elements Pt.1.

8 – The Manipulation Technique

You must defeat two or more opponents with a single assault.

9 – Monster Variants Pt. 1

You will have to battle enemies that come in three different types.

10 – Combat Simulation: Fat Chocobo

To get Fat Chocobo Summon Materia, you must fight Fat Chocobo.

11 – Monster Bio Pt.3

You’ll have to evaluate 20 opponents, exactly like in Monster Bio pts. 1 & 2.

12 – The Stagger effect Pt.3

You’ll need to boost the Stagger damage bonus to 100%. To do so, return to Fat Chocobo and fight it until it is staggered before using Tifa’s Skill.

13 – Refocus analysis

Aerith will automatically equip Refocus analysis as a limit break. You must charge the limit break and then use it twice.

14 – The Stagger effect Pt .4

You will have to Stagger 40 enemy types.

15 – Combat Simulation – Leviathan

You must battle Leviathan in order to get Leviathan Summon Materia.

16 – Monster Bio Pt . 4

You will have to Assess 30 types of enemies the same as Monster Bio Pt 1, 2 & 3.

17 – Weapon Abilities

You must get 16 weapons abilities in order to obtain this intel report. There are a total of 24 weapon abilities, but 16 of them are necessary to obtain this intel report.

18 – MP Consumption

You must master 12 different sorts of magic materia in order to obtain this report.

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19 -Monster variants Pt.2

You will have to defeat monsters with 10 unique varieties.

20 – Combat Simulation – Bahamut

You must fight Bahamut in order to get the Bahamut Summon Materia.

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