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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Which Is The Best Weapon For Every Character?

There are many weapons to use in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Here are some of the best weapons for every character that you can find in the game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is full of action, and there is a lot of action on the battlefield. You have to focus to make a good strategy with weapons and powers to win in a battle.

All the weapons in the game have their specific abilities. These abilities are specific to the weapon, not the character. The weapon’s ability can be unlocked by using SP points.  The Characteristics of a weapon can build up their HP or MP. The status effect will reduce and the elemental damage will be boosted by upgrading.

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Which Is The Best Weapon For Every Final Fantasy 7 Remake Character?

Cloud’s Hardedge For High Damage

In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Cloud is a very good mercenary fighter. His role in the party is to bring pain to the enemies. He beats everything that comes in his way. The perfect weapon for Cloud is Hardedge. It’s a perfect sword that will help to build Cloud up as a heavy damage dealer. There are three materia slots in Hardedge. You will find the Hardedge in Wall Market Weapon shop.

Tifa’s Purple Pain For Magic & High Crit Damage

Tifa’s role in the team is a high critical damage dealer, She uses a little bit of magic to damage the enemy as she is fast on feet so she’s always the first to deal damage in a battle. The best weapon for Tifa is Purple Pain it increases her critical damage rate and her magic which allows her to command the battlefield.

You will get your hands on this Weapon in Chapter 16. So until you reach level 16 you can use metal knuckles to boost up her power and speed. Purple Pain will be inside a Chest at Shinra towers.

Barret’s EKG Cannon For Good Balance

Barret’s role in the team is a good magic/damage build because he is usually seen firing bullets and cannons around in a battle. The best weapon for Barret is EKG Cannon, it builds up Barret’s Power in magic and ranged battle.  EKG Cannon gives you a good critical hit and damages, it also helps you to increase ATB bars.

You can find this weapon In Chapter 16 in Shinra Towers, You will have to talk with Hart and pay him 10,000 gills to get the Weapon.

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Aerith’s Mythril Rod For Pure Magic

Aerith’s Role in the team is a Magic dealer because her magic stats are very good so it helps her in healing and to give elemental damage to the enemies. She can do a lot of damage in a battle if you use her properly. The best weapon For Aerith is Mythril Rod it helps her to increase the power of her magical attacks and her MP also so she can do more spells as compare to other team members.

You will find the Mythril Rod In the Train Graveyard.

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