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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Which Is The Best Weapon For Every Character?

There are many weapons to use in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Here are some of the best weapons for every character that you can find in the game.

You can determine the best weapon by its characteristics. Some weapons have specific abilities that can be used in combat. You will earn new abilities through SP points. Based on their potential abilities and stats, here are some of the best weapons for a character in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Which Is The Best Weapon For Every Final Fantasy 7 Remake Character?

Cloud (Hardedge – ATK = 137、MATK = 46) or ( Buster Sword – ATK = 91、MATK = 91)

Hardedge carries three material slots. You can find it by heading to the Wall Market weapon shop. It is perfect for Cloud who is a close-range fighter and better suited for it. He can use the higher attack power to dish out some powerful moves on enemies and bosses. Meanwhile, the Buster Sword is available from the beginning and acts as a good starting weapon.

Tifa (Metal Knuckles – ATK = 164、MATK = 24) or (Purple Rain – ATK = 82、MATK = 66)

Purple rain can be found in Chapter 16. As for Metal Knuckles, you can find them after defeating the Warden boss in Chapter 5. You can get Metal Knuckles earlier so keep using it until you can also get your hands on Purple Rain. Purple Pain improves her critical hit rate and damage while also boosting her magic, letting her rule the battlefield with ease.

Barret (EKG Cannon) or (Big Bertha – ATK = 93、MATK = 62)

Big Berth can be found in the Sector 6 Slums. You can purchase it from Evergreen Park Weapon Shop in Chapter 13. The other weapon for Barret is the EKG Cannon. You can find this weapon In Chapter 16 in Shinra Towers, After paying Hart 10,000 Gills, you will be able to buy EKG Cannon for Barret.

Aerith (Mythril Rod – ATK = 24、MATK = 158) or (Reinforced Staff – ATK = 50、MATK = 131)

The Mythril Rod is found at the train graveyard. As for the Reinforced Staff, you can find it In the purple chest in the first room at the start of Chapter 17.

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