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Final Fantasy 7 Remake AP Up Materia Guide: How To Quickly Gain AP

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has a lot of materia to collect and some of them have unique properties. Here’s how to get Pedometer materia.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is out in the world and it is a very good and real video game that is available on PS4. In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the Materia system is back just like it was in the original game. If you want to make the Materia stronger you will have to arise your AP. In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about Pedometer Materia.

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Getting the Pedometer Materia For AP Up in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

You will get the Pedometer Materia after you reach Chapter 14 in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. To get the Pedometer Materia you will have to talk to Elmyra at Aerith’s house. Exit the house and go in its garden there you will see the Pedometer Materia. Collect it from there and then look at its description, it says that if you will reach the required step count the Pedometer Materia will “do something”.

The total step count required is not that much so don’t worry. Put the Materia on Cloud and then you will have to walk 5000 step counts, after completing the required step count check the Materia again and you will get a reward.

When you will reach 5,000 steps count the Pedometer Materia will automatically turn in to a very helpful AP Up Materia. The AP Up Materia will increase your AP obtained in a battle by 100%. This will be helpful for you to level up quickly and get access to many powerful spells.

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If you want to make it work you will need linked slots on your accessories or weapon. You will have to put an orb in one slot and put AP Up materia in other linked slots. The AP level will increase of the orb and after it is maxed out you can put another orb in its place.

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