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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Lost Friends Quest and Where To Find All Cats

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Lost Friends quest requires the player to find three different cats. Here’s how you are able to get all of them.

There are several different quests in In Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Completing them can lead to rewards or bonus experience points. Some quests like the Lost Friends quest task you with helping a girl to find her three different cats, which are her friends. Since finding them can be a little tricky, this guide will help you find them easily.

How To Complete Final Fantasy 7 Remake Lost Friends Quest

This quest begins when Cloud meets with Betty, who is looked for her three cats. Obviously, as the main hero, it is up to Cloud to save them and help the girl. You will head to the Sector 7 slums to find these cats so if you don’t know the area well, you can get lost just like the cats.

  • After speaking with Betty, you should head down the street and go east. You will soon meet a form in the road and you can find the cat in the middle of the fork.
  • You need to head to the left of the fork just after locating the first cat. After going left, make your way to Tifa’s bar where you can find the second cat hanging at the entrance.
  • After the second cat is found, you can proceed to look for the third and final cat. Head west from Tifa’s bar and go far until a tunnel can be seen There will be an NPC at the tunnel who will help you get to the third cat after talking to him.

Once you have found the missing friends of Betty, you can give them back and she will reward you while marking the Lost Friends quest as complete. You might be wondering what is the use of doing this chore, and the answer is a simple Maiden’s Kiss. We just waste our time and just get nothing important in return.

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