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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Weapons Guide: How To Get All Final Fantasy 7 Remake Weapons

Final Fantasy 7 Remake hides an assortment of weapons for its characters. Some of them can be obtained through the story but others are hidden.

In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Each character has six different weapons, and each weapon has its own pros and cons. Some weapons give you benefits like boosted defenses and increased critical hits, some weapons are best for straight melee fighting and some weapons amp up your magical powers.

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In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, weapons play the main role for you to customize your characters and their part in a  fight.  While playing Final Fantasy 7 some weapons will come through you during the story course or you can get them in shops, but some of the weapons are placed in particular places. This guide will help you to find all the weapons you can get in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. We have listed below all the locations of the weapons for each character you can get in the game.

All Weapons For Cloud In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Buster Sword:

Buster Sword is the first weapon cloud has from the start of the game. It is a very viable weapon that you can upgrade during the game. This sword is good for both physical and magical attacks.

The Iron Blade:

The Iron Blade is the first upgrade Cloud will get during the story. This upgrade will be available after clearing our scrap and boulevard in chapter 3. to get this upgrade, go back to the Beginner’s hall and then talk to Biggs and edges to get The Iron Blade.

The Nail Bat:

In order to get the Nail Bat, you will have to complete the Kids on Patrol Side Quest in chapter 8. You will get this weapon after defeating the Toad King and his hedgehog pie minions.

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You will get this weapon from the weapons shop in the Wall market in chapter 9. You will have to go through the story and work your way through in order to get access to the shop.

Mythril Saber:

You will get this weapon from the Wall market in Chapter 14 of the game. This weapon has a lot of materia slots in it which will give a huge boost in magic power.

Twin Stinger:

You will get this weapon in Chapter 17. When you will reunite with Barret after the bridge collapses chasing Hojo. You will find this weapon where Cloud and Barret first encounter the M.O.T.H unit.

All Weapons For Tifa

Leather Gloves:

This is the first thing Tifa will have from the start of the game. These gloves can be very viable to attack with high power.

Metal knuckles:

Metal Knuckles are given to you as a reward for besting the Crab Warden. You can upgrade it to take benefit of its attack power.

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Sonic Stickers:

You will find the sonic stickers in chapter 7. They will be in a chest which is located in the hallway between B6 and B5 buster labs.

Feathered Gloves:

Feathered gloves will be found in the sewers in chapter 10. In the sewers, you go to a room where you will have to raise the sluice gate to drain water in order to cross a gap. Duck under the gate there will be a chest lying in which you will find the Feathered Gloves.

Mythril Claws:

You will get Mythril Claws in chapter 13 after you will defeat the Experiment Boss.

Purple Pain Gloves:

You will get the Purple Pain Gloves in chapter 16 in the lobby of the Shinra towers. In order to get it, climb up a display to reach the ladder move around to the back of the ladder their you will find a chest on the top of the display. Open the chest to get your hands on Purple Pain Gloves.

All Weapons For Barret In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Gatling Gun:

Gatling gun is the first weapon of Barret which will be with him from the start. It is a good weapon if you are using it as a tank to absorb the damage for your team. You can upgrade the Gatling Gun to increase HP.

Light Machine Gun:

It is the second weapon Barret will get in the game. You will get it from Biggs as you go through the story in chapter 6.

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Big Bertha:

You will get this weapon after returning to the collapsed Expressway with Tifa and Barret in chapter 13. You will find some merchants in Evergreen Park. Go to the Weapon store there in order to get Big Bertha.

Steel Pincers:

Steel Pincers is the first Barret’s melee weapon, You can buy this weapon from Moogle Emporium in Chapter 14.

Wrecking Ball:

Wrecking Ball has the highest attack power from all of Barret’s weapon, it is another Barret’s melee Weapon. You will get this weapon after completing Chapter 14’s Subterranean Menace Side Quest.

EKG Cannon:

EKG cannon is the most critical weapon of Barret. You will surely miss this weapon because, in order to get your hands on this weapon you have to talk to Hart, he is Mayor Domino’s Butler in the Shinra Tower archives. Talk with Hart to seek the information about Shinra’s executive you are looking for. He will ask you to pay 10,000 Gil, pay him to get the information and then he will give you an EKG Cannon.

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All Weapons For Aerith In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Guard Stick:

Guard stick is Aerith’s first weapon which gives a big boost to MP and magic. It is a well balanced magic-focused weapon Which will help you in any role you will assign Aerith.

Silver Staff:

You will find the silver staff while going through the story when you will get to the undercity of sector 5,  you will able to buy it from Moogle Emporium there.

Arcane Scepter:

You will get this weapon by completing the side quests in the Wall market in chapter 9. Meet with Madam M in her Parlor,  she will give you some side quests to complete if you will choose any option except Luxury. You will have to complete two side quests “Dynamite Bodies ” and ” The Party Lasts All Night”. Complete both these side quests. You will have to win a battle in the colosseum for “Dynamite Bodies”. You will get the Arcane Scepter as a reward for winning the battle.

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Mythril Rod:

You will find this weapon in Chapter 11. When you will enter the train Graveyard, you will have to go through a train car. When you will exit the train car you will see another train car in front of you go through it and after that turn right and head south. There will be a cargo container at the end of the area behind the container you will find a chest. Open the chest to get Mythril Rod.

Bladed Staff:

In order to get Bladed Staff, you will have to use Steal Materia on Eligor, which is a chariot-riding ghost boss in Chapter 11. It might take more than one try to get it. This weapon is good for critical attacks.

Reinforced Staff:

The reinforced Staff is Aerith’s last weapon, you will find it in a  chest in Aerith’s Room in Sharina Tower at the start of chapter 17. Open the chest and get the Reinforced Staff. This weapon is good for defense.

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