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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Weapons Guide: How To Get All Final Fantasy 7 Remake Weapons

Final Fantasy 7 Remake hides an assortment of weapons for its characters. Some of them can be obtained through the story but others are hidden.

You can get six weapons for each of the characters in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. You have to look at the pros and cons when deciding to pick the best weapon for every character. Most weapons can be found in shops or through chests as you explore, but some can be tricky to figure out. This guide will help you to find all the weapons you can get in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

All Weapons For Cloud In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Buster Sword:

Cloud’s first weapon is the Buster Sword, which he obtains at the start of the game.

The Iron Blade:

This will be the first weapon upgrade for Cloud during the story.

The Nail Bat:

You must finish the Kids on Patrol Side Quest in Chapter 8 to obtain the Nail Bat.


In Chapter 9, you will obtain this weapon from the weapons shop in the Wall Market.

Mythril Saber:

This weapon may be obtained at the Wall Market in Chapter 14 of the game.

Twin Stinger:

In Chapter 17, you will find this weapon where Barret and Cloud battle the M.O.T.H unit.

final fantasy 7 remake weapons

All Weapons For Tifa

Leather Gloves:

This is the first weapon Tifa will have when the game begins.

Metal knuckles:

Metal Knuckles are your prize for defeating the Crab Warden.

Sonic Stickers:

During Chapter 7, find this weapon in a chest between B6 and B5 buster labs.

Feathered Gloves:

In Chapter 10, you’ll find feathered gloves in the sewers.

Mythril Claws:

After defeating the Experiment Boss in Chapter 13, you will receive Mythril Claws.

Purple Pain Gloves:

The Purple Pain Gloves may be obtained in the lobby of the Shinra Towers in Chapter 16. Climb a ladder and get behind to find it in a purple chest.

final fantasy 7 remake weapons

All Weapons For Barret In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Gatling Gun:

The Gatling gun is Barret’s initial weapon, and it will be with him from the start.

Light Machine Gun:

It is the second weapon for Barret that you will obtain in Chapter 6.

Big Bertha:

In Chapter 13, you will obtain this weapon after returning to the collapsed Expressway with Tifa and Barret. You can buy this from a Merchant.

Steel Pincers:

In Chapter 14, you may purchase this weapon from Moogle Emporium.

Wrecking Ball:

You will obtain this weapon after finishing the Subterranean Menace Side Quest in Chapter 14.

EKG Cannon:

Speak with Hart in the Shinra Tower archives to find out what information you need on Shinra’s executive. He will ask you to pay 10,000 Gil to obtain the information, after which he will give you an EKG Cannon.

All Weapons For Aerith In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Guard Stick:

Aerith’s initial weapon is a guard stick.

Silver Staff:

You can buy it from Moogle Emporium in sector 5.

Arcane Scepter:

You will obtain this weapon by completing the side missions in Chapter 9’s Wall Market. You have to do “Dynamite Bodies,” and win a battle in Colosseum.

Mythril Rod:

You can find it in the train graveyard during Chapter 11.

Bladed Staff:

You need the Steal Materia and use it on Eligor boss fight in Chapter 11 to get it.

Reinforced Staff:

It may be found in a box in Aerith’s Room in Sharina Tower at the beginning of Chapter 17.

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