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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Combat Modes: What Is Normal and Classic Mode?

There are different combat modes in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Here’s how you can decide which combat mode is best suited for you.

Square Enix is offering two different gameplay modes for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. These are the Normal and the Classic mode. There are some changes between both the modes so we will use this guide to explain the difference.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Classic vs. Normal Mode

Classic is basically the easy difficulty mode. Your companions will move around during battles and the AI will take control of them. They can block and attack enemies. Once you have fully charged your ATB gauge, you can damage your enemies in this Classic mode. While the AI-controlled characters sadly don’t play that well so you are often left to them making some dumb decisions during battle.

final fantasy 7 remake classic vs normal mode

Normal mode is the best way to experience Final Fantasy 7 Remake as you gain full control of your character. You can dodge, attack, and block as needed in every fight. The enemies also get a buff in this mode and will need some strategy to deal with them. The party members are still controlled by AI so there is no difference here in this regard, but you do get the ability to control them.

You can switch to a different character and wait for the ATB gauge to complete charging before performing a move with a different character. This also allows you to use the skills and abilities that are unique to each character thus helping you during combat.

Basically, Classic mode is more suited for those who want to experience the game as an old-school turn-based RPG. Normal mode is the ideal way to experience the game. It is how the game was designed and meant to be played so just for nostalgia, don’t end up switching to the Classic mode.

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