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Final Fantasy IX Remake Might Be Closer To Reveal, New Video Teases Announcement

Final Fantasy IX Remake has been rumored for a while now but a new announcement might tease its reveal happening soon.

Square Enix has been rumored to be working on remakes of their classic Final Fantasy games. They had great success in remaking Final Fantasy VII, and they are also working on bringing some of their classic games to modern platforms with reimagined visuals like Star Ocean: The Second Story R.

Final Fantasy IX is one of the games that has been heavily rumored to be remade by Square Enix. It was initially teased by the art director during a studio interview with Square Enix employees, and it has been subsequently teased through various insiders who have suggested that the game is in development along with some of the other classic Final Fantasy games.

It appears that Square Enix might be gearing up for an official announcement. They have just announced a new collaboration between Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis and Final Fantasy IX. This is a strange collaboration for sure because Square Enix usually offers crossover between their latest games or projects, and Final Fantasy IX hasn’t even received a re-release after launching on the generation of consoles and PCs.

While this is pure speculation at this point, fans of the series are hoping that this means Square Enix is gearing up for an official announcement regarding the game soon. This could happen at The Game Awards, which might be an ideal time to announce the game. Since it is also rumored to be a PlayStation exclusive, the announcement could occur at a potential State of Play that can be announced by Sony.

Final Fantasy IX was initially released for the PS1 in 2000. It has been ported to other platforms including PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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