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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: How To Retrieve Raw Meat and Sleeping Dart

During one of the story missions, the players will be tasked with retrieving the raw meat and sleeping dart in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

This can be a tricky task since the game doesn’t properly explain how to do it. Chances are that you will be left scratching your head on how to approach this situation so here is a handy guide to help you through it.

How To Retrieve Raw Meat and Sleeping Dart In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

You will encounter this mission a lot further in the game when you will be looking for Kraven the Hunter. Peter Parker has just acquired a new gadget that allows him to form his web lines which can be used to perform stealth takedowns from any point and this is the key to getting these two key items.

It might be instinct to go directly to the roof of the house above the raw meat to stealthily poach it, but there is a guard right next to it. What you need to do is go swing to the chandelier and then fire a web line right above the raw meat. Once you are above the web line right on top of the raw meat, you will get an auto prompt to grab it without the others seeing it.

The next step is to get the sleeping dart. This can be found in a hunter who is sleeping on a couch in the next room. Again this is a tricky thing to do since the game offers no help. It is quite easy though, as all you need to do is jump on the Rhino’s horn that is hanging above the hunter and do a perch takedown first on the hunter standing next to the one with the sleeping dart. You can then just grab the sleeping dart off the hunter on the couch.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is out now for the PS5. Interested in reading more, check out our guide on how to locate the electric panels in one of the side missions.

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