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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Development Took 3 Years, Square Enix Aiming For Same With Part 3

The development of Square Enix’s second entry in the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, took around 3 years, and the studio is aiming for the same with the 3rd and final entry.

It is revealed in the Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania, that the development of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth took around 3 year, and that he aims to be able to stick with this schedule for the development of the 3rd entry in the trilogy. Producer Yoshinori Kitase stated that the main story of the final part has already been completed.

Final fantasy vii rebirth development

Meanwhile, Creative Director Tetsuya Nomura believes that the development team may begin voice recording in the near future. He mentioned that Kitase proposed an idea to him about “something” very important to include, even though it wasn’t in the original game, and Nomura is wondering how to deliver it. He believes it will surely make fans happy if they can pull it off well.

Kitase hopes to deliver a Part 3 without having to sacrifice quality over time. He mentioned that the reason why Final Fantasy VII Rebirth had such an efficient development period was because the development team retained the same staff as the previous installment. As such, Part 3 will also be developed by the same team. He added that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was actually completed within 3 years, as it took around one year for the team to work on the Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade DLC, and he hopes to be able to stick with that schedule for Part 3 too.

The mention of sticking with the same scheduled for the development of Part 3 could imply that we’ll see DLC for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, likely featuring a character that wasn’t playable in the base game.

Square Enix recently released update 1.030 for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, which has a download size of 4.9 GB. Read about it here.

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