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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Quality vs Performance Mode Comparison

The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo is now available for PS5 on the PlayStation Store, and if you’re looking to find out which of its two graphics modes, Quality and Performance, is right for you, read ahead.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth offers two graphics modes, namely Quality and Performance. In Quality mode, the game runs at a dynamic resolution that targets 4K (2160p) and commonly achieves it with the aid of temporal reconstruction. In Performance mode, it runs at a dynamic resolution that also targets 4K (2160p), but the resolution usually hovers between 1188p and 1620p with the aid of temporal reconstruction. In terms of graphics settings, the Quality mode offers better level of detail, higher quality ambient occlusion, higher quality anisotropic filtering, and more particle effects compared to the Performance mode.

With regards to performance, the Quality mode targets a frame rate of 30 fps, while the Performance mode targets a frame rate of 60 fps. The latter tends to hover between 55 and 60 fps, while the former dips below 30 fps from time to time. It’s worth noting that the performance seen here is specific to the demo build of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. The release build may end up receiving performance-related improvements. That said, based on the demo, the frame rate in either mode is not very consistent, though Performance mode remains well within the range of the PS5’s VRR threshold of 48 Hz.

Those who prefer higher image quality are advised to play the demo in Quality mode. On the other hand, those who prefer quicker input response should undoubtedly opt for the Performance mode.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the successor to Final Fantasy VII Remake. While fans had initially assumed that Square Enix would remake the original Final Fantasy VII and closely adhere to its storyline, the remake appears to have diverged significantly from the original, growing in scope as well. It is turning out to be the ultimate Final Fantasy VII game by bringing the original developers and giving them resources to expand the game’s scope.

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