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Tekken 8 Update 1.04 Drops With Balance Changes and Minor Fixes

Tekken 8 Patch 1.04 has brought several crucial gameplay adjustments and bug fixes to improve the game’s competitive balance and overall experience.

The replay system and character behavior have been significantly changed, which will affect various game modes. Replays and tips saved before the update will be unavailable for playback, and online replay data will be deleted to ensure compatibility with the new patch. However, Ghost data from previous versions will still be accessible in Super Ghost Battle and Ghost Match modes, with updated character behaviors and moves reflecting the latest balance changes. The updates aim to maintain the integrity of competitive play and provide a fresh, balanced environment for all players.

The patch has introduced balance adjustments across various characters, focusing on moves’ behavior and properties to ensure a fair and competitive gaming experience. Common changes include fixes to startup delays and balcony break behaviors, while character-specific adjustments address issues ranging from frame advantage discrepancies to recovery times and damage distribution. These tweaks have been meticulously designed to fine-tune the gameplay mechanics, improving the strategic depth and responsiveness of character movesets.

Tekken 8 Update 1.04 Patch Notes

Common Changes

  • Special Style Behavior: Resolved a delay issue where the startup of certain moves was postponed by 1 frame when an attack input was buffered during recovery.
  • Balcony Break Behavior: Adjusted pushback collision detection to address a scenario where a specific move triggered a Balcony Break, causing characters to exit the battle area.

Character-Specific Changes

Alisa (During Destructive Form)

  • Practice Mode: Corrected the frame advantage display on block from “+8F” to “+5F”.

Devil Jin

  • Balance Changes:
    • Altered damage distribution from “10.20” to “7.14”.
    • Reduced forward movement on the first hit to decrease reach.
    • Modified the interaction when the second hit is input, addressing an issue where the distance between characters increased, aiming to balance the total damage output of the combo.
  • During Mourning Crow: Shortened the attack duration by 1 frame to reduce hit probability on sidestepping opponents, adjusted damage from “25” to “20”, and changed chip damage on block from “10” to “6”.


  • Behavior Changes:
    • Increased recovery frames by “2F” (Guard: “-6F” to “-8F”, Hit: “+8F” to “+6F”).
    • Now faces the opponent upon hitting, enhancing follow-up attack stability.
    • Opponent transitions to a downed state 6 frames earlier to mitigate high-damage combo potentials.
  • During Sneak: Increased block distance and adjusted chip damage to address countering challenges.


  • Behavior Changes: Addressed a bug that prevented opponents from executing a backwards ukemi after an aerial hit.


  • Balance Changes: Increased both the character’s and the opponent’s recovery time by “5F” when blocked to manage high combo damage, maintaining a “+3F” frame advantage on block. Altered hit reaction to prevent unintended follow-ups.


  • During Lightning Glare: Increased recovery time by 3 frames upon block, altering frame advantage from “-7F” to “-10F”.
  • Balance Changes: Reduced opponent’s recovery time by 3 frames upon block, altering frame advantage from “-9F” to “-12F”.


  • Balance Changes: Decreased knockback distance on block to allow for easier counterattacks by opponents.


  • Behavior Changes: Extended collision detection downwards to prevent passing under a floating opponent.


  • Back Facing Opponent During Soulzone: Standardized recovery frames for crouching guard against the doppelganger attack to match those of standing block and corrected inconsistencies. Resolved an issue hindering transition from running to Wind God Step.


  • During Heat: Reduced knockback on block, eliminated crouching status in the attack’s first half, increased damage hurtbox, and allowed for reversal defense.
  • During Sentai: Modified hit reaction on downed opponents to avoid repetitive impacts on Kuma or Panda.


  • Behavior Changes: Adjusted opponent’s block timing by 2 frames when hit from the front and side to improve attack performance.

Steve (During Ducking)

  • Behavior Changes: Reduced distance to the opponent on the first hit to ensure consistent combo execution against larger characters.

Yoshimitsu (During Manji Dragonfly)

  • Behavior Changes: Corrected an issue causing an extended airborne state, which allowed punish attacks to hit while still in the air.

Tekken 8 is out now for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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