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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Gets New Screenshots, Character & Gameplay Details

Brand new screenshots as well as character and gameplay details for Square Enix’s upcoming action role-playing game, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, have been revealed.

The official Twitter/X account for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has shared brand new screenshots from the game, and a recent interview with producer Yoshinori Kitase has revealed fresh details regarding the characters and gameplay.

Final fantasy vii rebirth gameplay screenshots

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Screenshots

Brand new screenshots for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth can be seen below.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth New Gameplay & Character Details

Open World

Speaking in response to a question regarding Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s open world, Kitase stated that it is not referred to as an open world internally by the development team. He explained that Midgar, the setting of the previous game, was a closed terrain, so no matter who played, everyone followed the same story. However, for Rebirth, the development team wanted players to choose which quests or side activities to take on.

The catch here is that in order to move from one area to the next, the main story is preserved by having the player meet the necessary prerequisites, such as passing through a specific dungeon or obtaining a new vehicle. For example, he reminded that, in the original, players had to go from Glassland to Junon through the Mithril Mine. That said, he clarified that the world map is seamlessly connected, so players can freely travel back and forth after gaining access to all areas, just like in the original.

Wheelie Vehicle

In the trailers, Cloud is seen riding what Kitase referred to as a Wheelie. It is a device that can only be ridden at the resort called Costa del Sol, unlike the chocobo, which is used for exploring the world map. There are also several mini-games that can be played while riding a wheelie.

Chocobo Customization

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will allow players to change the color of the equipped gear on chocobos. This can be seen in the video below.


Regarding mini-games in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Kitase stated that there are a lot of them. Unlike the original, where mini-games were mostly present in the Gold Saucer, this time various mini-games have been scattered across the world map. He mentioned that a world map where you just run around would be boring, so the development team has placed a lot of mini games for players to try. He highlighted the TCG as his favorite mini-game. It has players challenging NPCs located in various villages in a game of cards. In the past, Final Fantasy 8 and 9 card games were considered popular, so the development team has built upon them for the card game in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Side Quests

According to Kitase, side quests are largely divided into two types. The first type is a world report requested by Chadley, which also appeared in the previous game. As he mentioned earlier, new areas in the open world become available by passing through dungeons or acquiring new vehicles. Chadley develops new materia using the world report obtained from them. The second type is requests obtained from the problem solver bulletin board located in each base or village. There are stories, boss fights, and mini-games that are unique to side quests.

Red Armor

Regarding the appearance of the Red Armor in the TGS 2023 trailer, Kitase said that he couldn’t reveal who it is here. He did say, however, that the development team has added new elements to the world in Rebirth that were not present in the original.

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