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Alan Wake 2 Development Team Shifts Focus To Control 2

The Alan Wake 2 development team at Remedy Entertainment has now shifted its focus to the development of Control 2.

Leonid Stepanov, senior gameplay designer at Remedy Entertainment, took to Twitter/X to share that the creation of Alan Wake 2 was an incredible journey for him, and that he is now taking part in the development of Control 2. He added that this also means that he will not have a lot of news to share for some time. However, he did mention that he would still like to entertain fans with some interesting content. He said that has an idea and will share it in his next post.

Alan wake 2 control

During the recent Remedy Entertainment business review for the period of January-September, 2023, it was stated that the development of Control 2 continued in the proof-of-concept stage. The plans for this sequel are ambitious, and the development team has seen good progress both in the designs and in the game build. The developer shared that it will continue at this stage for the next few quarters. It will focus on proving the identified key elements before moving to the next stage and scaling up the team.

Remedy Entertainment’s latest release, Alan Wake 2, is a 2023 survival horror game that is a sequel to the original Alan Wake. The game centers on the character Alan Wake, a best-selling horror novelist, who has been trapped in an alternate dimension for 13 years. To escape, he writes a horror story featuring an FBI agent named Saga Anderson. Alan Wake 2 was released on October 27, 2023, for PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S.

In contrast to the first Alan Wake game, which was an action-adventure game with horror elements, Alan Wake II is a survival horror game played from a third-person perspective. Players can take on the roles of Alan Wake or Saga Anderson in separate single-player stories, which can be played in any order, with Saga featured in the opening sequence and Alan in the ending sequence.

Wake and Anderson explore environments and combat adversaries using firearms and a flashlight. The flashlight can be focused on enemies in order to weaken them before using firearms, but doing so drains its battery. Players must manage their limited supply of batteries and ammunition strategically in order to survive. Both characters can also perform dodge maneuvers to avoid close-range attacks.

To learn more about Alan Wake 2, read our review here.

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