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Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Coming To PS Plus, Not Eligible For Free PS5 Upgrade

Final Fantasy VII Remake is reportedly one of the free PS Plus games in March 2021 and will be available to all subscribers. This version won’t get a free PS5 upgrade.

This is according to the Japanese PlayStation Store, which has a page for the Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade that lists the PS4 version coming to the PlayStation Plus.

The store lists that Final Fantasy VII Remake will be available to the PlayStation Plus subscribers in March. However, while the regular version users will be able to upgrade their copies to the PS5 version, this is not possible for the free version.

While this is applicable to the Japanese PlayStation Store, there is a good chance that this might apply worldwide and not just in Japan. There have been some rumors that FFVII Remake was one of the games that will be coming to PlayStation Plus and Sony has yet to make an announcement.

As for the other possible games, if we had to bet, Mortal Shell feels like a good candidate since it is getting a PS5 upgrade on March 4. This feels like a good time to make the game available to PS Plus subscribers.

final fantasy vii remake ps plus

Sony usually announces their PS Plus games on the last Tuesday or Wednesday of every month, but for some reason, they delayed it this time. They have already confirmed Oddworld Soulstorm as one of the free games in April so the absence of the PS+ games in March was a surprise for many fans.

Square Enix has recently announced an expanded version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake that comes with Yuffie DLC and support for the PS5. This is called Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and will be available on June 10, 2021. While the Yuffie DLC can also be purchased separately, it won’t be available to PS4 users.

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