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Final Fantasy VII Remake PS5 vs. PC Comparison: Which Version Is Better?

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is available now for PC. Find out how this version of the game compares to the PS5 version.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade was released earlier this year for the PS5. It offered a 60 FPS mode, better visuals, and added a new DLC episode focused on Yuffie. The PC version is the same as the PS5 version but is there any additional support for the PC version?

The first comparison that analyzes the difference between the two platforms reveals barely any major changes aside from the support of 120 FPS.

This version appears to be near-identical to the PS5 version and also has some lackluster graphics options so there is not a lot to customize here. The game appears to run with the same visual preset as the PS5 version when it is maxed out on PC.

final fantasy vii remake intergrade

In this comparison video, the PS5 is seen running at the quality mode preset that drops the resolution to locked 4K and runs at 30 FPS. There is a performance mode as well that drops to a dynamic 4K resolution but supports running at 60 FPS. The Quality mode offers a slight improvement in some of the effects like shadows compared to the performance mode on the PS5.

If you play Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on a PS5 with the quality mode, you are not missing much when it comes to the PC version. They are essentially the same games save for the support of 120 FPS.

FFVII Remake Intergrade can be purchased from the Epic Games Store for $69.99.

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