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Final Fantasy XV Director Regrets Cancellation Of DLC, Working On Unannounced Console RPG

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata has expressed his regret over the cancellation of the game’s promised DLC.

During a recent interview, Final Fantasy XV game director Hajime Tabata was asked about his disappointments in relation to the game. He responded by saying that the cancellation of the planned Final Fantasy XV DLC is what disappointed him. He mentioned that the development team had a lot of additional content planned for the game, but in the end some of it had to be cancelled.

Final fantasy xv dlc

Tabata mentioned that, at the time, the decision to cancel the Final Fantasy XV DLC was completely unavoidable, but he still regretted it. He added that the development team was unable to keep its promise and couldn’t offer all the content it had promised to its players, who had been looking forward to it.

Regarding the projects Tabata is currently working on at JP Games, he mentioned that he is involved with the development of two titles. One of them is an RPG that is being designed for consoles. He refrained from giving any further details on the project, as it is being worked in collaboration with another company. The other project is an in-house developed open world MMORPG that is a little different from conventional titles in the genre. He described the gameplay to be closer to a single-player RPG, but with many other players being present in the persistent world.

Recently, JP Games’ official website had been updated with early screenshots that are possibly from the aforementioned titles. The projects appear to be early in development, therefore it’s difficult to say whether any of the characters and asset work seen in the screenshots will make their way into the final releases. That said, the images give us a glance at the direction in which Tabata and his team are headed with respect to aesthetics.

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