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Here’s A Possible Early Look At Next AAA Projects From Final Fantasy XV Director

Here is a possible early look at the next two AAA projects that are being developed by the director of Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV director, Hajime Tabata, had departed from Square Enix to pursue his own projects at his studio, JP Games. However, barely anything is known about the two AAA titles that are being developed by him and his team. The studio’s website has been updated with early screenshots that are possibly from the aforementioned titles.

Final fantasy xv director projects

The projects appear to be early in development, therefore it’s difficult to say whether any of the characters and asset work seen in the  screenshots will make their way into the final releases. That said, the images give us a glance at the direction in which Tabata and his team are headed with respect to aesthetics.

Hajime Tabata is a prominent Japanese game director. He previously held the positions of Luminous Productions COO and Head of Studio, working for Square Enix. Currently, he serves as the CEO of JP Games. During his tenure at Square Enix, Tabata served as the Head of Business Division 2 and was a member of the Final Fantasy Committee, responsible for ensuring the consistency of releases and content within the franchise. On October 31, 2018, Tabata made the decision to resign from both Luminous Productions and the Square Enix Group. As a result, 3 of the 4 planned DLCs for Final Fantasy XV were cancelled.

Following his departure from Square Enix, Tabata embarked on a new venture by establishing his own company, JP Games, Inc., in January 2019. The primary objective behind this endeavor was to develop an innovative project. In June 2021, the company released its inaugural creation, The Pegasus Dream Tour, a game centered around the concept of the 2020 Summer Paralympics. This game was made available for iOS and Android platforms, offering an engaging experience to players.

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