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Final Fantasy XVI Intense Boss Fights Reportedly Causing PS5 Consoles To Overheat

Some of the boss fights in Square Enix’s upcoming action role-playing game, Final Fantasy XVI, are reportedly causing PS5 consoles to overheat.

People with early access to copies of Final Fantasy XVI as well as those who have played the recently released demo have been reporting that the game tends to overheat their PS5 console during certain boss fights.

Final fantasy xvi overheat ps5

Twitter user TheSphereHunter stated that she has been playing a certain PS5 game that hasn’t yet been released, where a boss fight made her console overheat to the point where it just turned off completely at the end of the fight. Meanwhile, some members of gaming enthusiast forum, Reset Era, have also been having overheating issues with the game’s recently released playable demo on PS5. One member mentioned that he was fighting the Morbol boss when his PS5 showed a message stating that the console needed to be turned off in order to cool down.

Regardless of whether this is a common problem with those playing the game or its demo, it’s always a good idea to keep your console’s vents, fan and heat sink clean from potential dust that may accumulate over time.

Previously, it was reported that pre-orders for Final Fantasy XVI had seen a major surge following the release of the exceptional demo. Based on the latest information, tracking of pre-orders via Japanese video game retail chain COMG revealed a major surge in the pre-purchase of Final Fantasy XVI. It’s worth remembering, however, that this data is only for physical copies and is limited to COMG retail store outlets.

Final Fantasy XVI is at 154 reservation points 3 days prior to its launch on June 22, 2023. For the sake of comparison, Final Fantasy VII Remake was at 346 reservation points 3 days prior to its launch. Kingdom Heart 3, on the other hand, was at 418 reservation points 3 days prior to its launch. Meanwhile, the previous entry in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XV, was at 436 reservation points 3 days prior to its launch.

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