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Final Fantasy XVI Demo Release Date Possibly Hinted

The release date for the eagerly anticipated Final Fantasy XVI demo may have been revealed, based on the latest information.

Publisher Square Enix appears to have sponsorship deals in place for popular content creators, such as Ludwig, to stream Final Fantasy XVI on June 12, 2023. As such, it’s highly likely that the playable demo will hit the PlayStation Store around the same time.

Final fantasy xvi demo release date

Blittzz, another content creator who attended the preview events, had announced a YouTube livestream for this Sunday, the 11th, where he plans on playing the initial hours of Final Fantasy XVI. However, his notification was taken down, suggesting that he may have been scheduling alerts ahead of time for the demo’s release. The Final Fantasy XVI pre-launch event is also scheduled for this Sunday, and it is therefore likely that the release date for the demo will coincide with it.

The playable demo for Final Fantasy XVI will cover the first two hours of gameplay. It’s worth noting that your progress in the demo will carry over when the full game is released. Producer Naoki Yoshida had stated earlier that he expected players who try the demo to engage with the different game mechanics and systems. He also revealed that Square Enix has an 18 month post-launch plan to increase the game’s sales.

In response to a question regarding Square Enix’s approach to sales, specifically in terms of generating profits, Yoshida stated that when it comes to the final product, he prepares a detailed budget documentation that includes information such as the platforms the game will be released on, the total development costs, marketing and PR expenses, and the projected profits. These details are crucially important and are included in the documentation. However, he admitted that he won’t be paying much attention to the first-week sales of Final Fantasy XVI.

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