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Final Fantasy XVI New Game Plus Mode, End-Game, and Difficulty Modes Detailed

Square Enix has shared details on the various new features that they are planning for Final Fantasy XVI, including a new game plus mode, and a difficulty mode.

In a recent YouTube stream, the development team, along with the game’s producer Naoki Yoshida, shed some light on the various features. They confirmed that Final Fantasy XVI will get a new game plus mode that will offer a harder difficulty. In addition to this difficulty, there will be two other difficulty modes in the game.

All Difficulty Modes In Final Fantasy XVI:

  1. Story Focused: Recommended for those who want to enjoy the story without the hassle of mastering the combat system.
  2. Action Focused: As evident from the name, if you want to take full advantage of combat, this mode is recommended.
  3. Final Fantasy Mode (New Game Plus): Replay the game in Final Fantasy mode with data carried over from a previous playthrough. In this mode, the level cap is raised to 100, but enemies are far more powerful. To aid in your journey, the legendary “Ultimate Weapon” is available for crafting. After starting, you will be unable to switch over to Story or Action Focused mode.

End-Game Content In FFXVI:

New Game Plus mode is not the only thing that will be available in the game. There is plenty of end-game content that is unlocked once you beat the game.

After you beat the game, you will unlock an Arcade mode at the Arete Stone. It will allow you to get a score in the levels and feature them on a leaderboard to see how you compete against others. You can also use the replay mode to go through the stages again.

A new mode that will be unlocked after beating the game is the “Chronos Eikon Hard” mode, which will get you more time for each enemy defeated.

New Game Plus Mode in Final Fantasy XVI:

The New Game Plus mode in Final Fantasy XVI will be unlocked after beating the game once. It will also unlock the Final Fantasy difficulty. It is the hard difficulty in the game. This will feature an increased level cap (100 and above) and higher-level enemies to fight. It will also unlock a special weapon that is the “Ultimate Weapon” in the game. You also get a Gold Trophy for beating the Final Fantasy mode.

According to the developers, Levels, Items, and Abilities are all carried over in the New Game Plus mode, so you won’t have to grind out for more levels. If you have retained a level in the game, it will be easily carried over in the New Game Plus mode, and you can try to go through the limit and take your level above 100 and beyond. You can learn more about the day one patch or the pre-load information for Final Fantasy XVI.

The game is confirmed to launch exclusively on June 22 for the PS5.

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