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Final Fantasy XVI PC Port Is Delayed To Offer Seamless Loading and Best Experience

Final Fantasy XVI is set to release on PS5 on June 22, but plans for a PC version are also in the works, despite the lack of official details. The game’s producer, Naoki Yoshida, recently discussed this topic.

During a YouTube stream, Yoshida expressed their intent to provide the best possible experience for Final Fantasy XVI on PC, leveraging the seamless loading implementation they achieved on PS5. The primary reason for not releasing the game on PC simultaneously with the PS5 version is their desire to optimize the game for the PC platform.

This isn’t the first time Yoshida has alluded to a PC version. Although there’s no official confirmation yet, Sony has consistently been transparent about the exclusivity window for Final Fantasy XVI, confirming a 6-month exclusivity period on PS5. This arrangement leaves the possibility open for the game to be released on other platforms, much like “Final Fantasy VII Remake.” However, an Xbox version seems unlikely given that “Final Fantasy VII Remake” did not receive one.

Final Fantasy XVI operates on a customized version of the Final Fantasy XIV engine, suggesting that it should theoretically function on PC. However, modern PC hardware must cater to a broad range of configurations, a number that increases even further when considering the handheld PC market. New handheld devices like the Steam Deck could potentially expand the PC audience by supporting a port of the game. It’s plausible that the developers are striving to perfect the game for PC before committing to a launch date.

During the stream, Yoshida assured viewers that they would share more about their plans for the PC version when the time is right. In the meantime, you can find more information about the game’s day-one patch, end-game content, and pre-load date, and look forward to its launch on June 22.

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