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Final Fantasy XVI Pre-Orders Tracking Behind FFXV, Square Enix Reportedly Concerned About Potential Sales

Final Fantasy XVI pre-orders are reportedly tracking behind those of Final Fantasy XV, and publisher Square Enix is concerned about the game’s sales potential.

Game journalist Imran Khan has recently heard from his sources that Square Enix is “panicking” slightly over the sales potential and pre-orders of Final Fantasy XVI, the latter of which are tracking behind those of Final Fantasy XV, even accounting for the fact that the game will launch exclusively on one platform.

Final fantasy xvi pre-orders sales

Khan noted that pre-order numbers are generally only a good indicator of guaranteed day-one sales versus potential day-one sales, therefore the actual day one sales may well be far more significant. That said, with the current tracking, he felt it would be a good idea for Square Enix to remind fans that the next chapter in the Final Fantasy VII remake trilogy exists and give it more marketing time than it had originally planned.

He pointed out that the initial sales figures for Final Fantasy VII Remake were quite good, but it slowed down faster than Square Enix seemed to have expected. Therefore, Khan believes that the publisher should consider all its options to ensure that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth sells as well as possible, resulting in an uptick in sales.

Previously, it was reported that Square Enix will take its time to work on the PC version of Final Fantasy XVI. Speaking during an interview, Final Fantasy XVI producer, Naoki Yoshida, stated that the development team at Square Enix will take its time to work on the PC version of Final Fantasy XVI.

Regarding the game’s release schedule, Yoshida stated that the studio will launch the main game, and, if there is positive feedback, it will consider pursuing some sort of downloadable content. He added that the game has been developed with the aim of delivering a complete package in terms of story and action related content, suggesting that the development team did not hold back content to release after launch. Yoshida also said that the development team is also planning on working on the PC version with care after the launch of the PS5 timed exclusive.

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