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Square Enix Will Take Its Time To Work On The PC Version Of Final Fantasy XVI

Square Enix will be taking its time to work on the PC version of its upcoming action role-playing game, Final Fantasy XVI, claims the game’s producer.

Speaking during an interview, Final Fantasy XVI producer, Naoki Yoshida, stated that the development team at Square Enix will take its time to work on the PC version of Final Fantasy XVI.

Final fantasy xvi pc version

Regarding the game’s release schedule, Yoshida stated that the studio will launch the main game, and, if there is positive feedback, it will consider pursuing some sort of downloadable content. He added that the game has been developed with the aim of delivering a complete package in terms of story and action related content, suggesting that the development team did not hold back content to release after launch. Yoshida also said that the development team is also planning on working on the PC version with care after the launch of the PS5 timed exclusive.

Yoshida thanked the fans for their continued support of the Final Fantasy series. He said that Final Fantasy XVI has been developed with the aim of delivering an experience that can be thoroughly enjoyed by all sorts of players from across the world, regardless of age or gender. He expressed hope that fans would appreciate how the game has taken advantage of the PS5’s hardware capabilities once they get their hands on a copy at launch.

Previously, Yoshida had stated that Final Fantasy XVI won’t immediately arrive on PC once the PS5 timed exclusivity period has ended. Speaking during a presentation held before the start of the Final Fantasy XVI media tour, producer Naoki Yoshida stated that, while it is true that there is a six month exclusivity contract for the game to be released only on PS5, the actual release of a PC version right after that period is a whole different story.

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