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Final Fantasy XVI Won’t Come To PC Even After Timed Exclusivity Ends

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XVI won’t be arriving on PC after the timed exclusivity period has expired, at least not immediately.

Speaking during a presentation held before the start of the Final Fantasy XVI media tour, producer Naoki Yoshida stated that, while it is true that there is a six month exclusivity contract for the game to be released only on PS5, the actual release of a PC version right after that period is a whole different story.

Final fantasy xvi pc

According to Yoshida, the studio is currently focused on spending the time to deliver the best possible experience on PS5, spending time and money to optimize the game for the platform. He was optimistic about working on a PC port someday so that as many people as possible can play it. However, he clarified that it would be next to impossible for the development team to ready and optimize a PC port six months after the release of the PS5 version. He assured that he wants to release the PC version eventually and that he’s trying to do it, but he’s currently not at the stage where he can say when.

For now, Yoshida encouraged fans to play the PS5 version, for which him and his team have worked hard to deliver the best possible experience. He jokingly added that if a PC version is released six months after the PS5 version, he’ll quit his company.

Previously, it was revealed that the recent “Revenge” trailer for Final Fantasy XVI was running in real-time, and the developer claimed that the game will showcase the power of the PS5. During a recent Final Fantasy XIV “Letter from the Producer” stream, Naoki Yoshida said that everything seen in the recent “Revenge” trailer for Final Fantasy XVI was all real-time and that the game will showcase the power of the PS5 hardware.

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