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Final Fantasy XVI Story Takes Over 30 Hours To Complete, Demo Confirmed Before Launch

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XVI is all set to receive a demo before launch, and it has been revealed that the game’s story will take over 30 hours to complete.

Speaking during a presentation held before the start of the Final Fantasy XVI media tour, producer Naoki Yoshida stated that the main story will take over 30 hours to complete, and he also confirmed that the game will receive a playable demo sometime ahead of its release on June 22, 2023.

Final fantasy xvi story demo

The playable demo that will be available prior to the game’s launch is said to be set 5 hours into the main story. Additionally, it was stated that the main story itself will take around 35 hours to complete. Final Fantasy XVI features over 11 hours of real-time cinematics, all running seamlessly in real-time.

Yoshida further stated that all of the footage shown from Final Fantasy XVI thus far was running in the game’s Graphics mode, which prioritizes 4K presentation over performance, hence targeting a frame rate of 30fps. However, the game will also feature a Performance mode that targets 60fps, though the game runs at a lower resolution here.

Previously, it was revealed that Final Fantasy XVI won’t be arriving on PC immediately after the timed exclusivity period has expired. The game’s producer Naoki Yoshida stated that, while it is true that there is a six month exclusivity contract for the game to be released only on PS5, the actual release of a PC version right after that period is a whole different story.

According to Yoshida, the studio is currently focused on spending the time to deliver the best possible experience on PS5, spending time and money to optimize the game for the platform. He was optimistic about working on a PC port someday so that as many people as possible can play it.

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