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Final Fantasy XVI Update 1.03 Drops With Motion Blur Fix, Patch Notes Here

Square Enix has released an update for Final Fantasy XVI today patching the game to version 1.03 and finally fixing the Motion Blur in the game.

The update introduces several new items to the System tab of the Main Menu. One of the key additions is the ‘Motion Blur Strength’ setting. This allows players to adjust the intensity of the motion blur effect when the character or camera is in motion. By default, the setting is at its maximum of 5, but players can reduce it or even set it to 0 to completely disable the motion blur effect.

In addition, two new settings – ‘Player Follow (Movement)’ and ‘Player Follow (Attack)’ – have been added. When turned off, these settings prevent the camera from automatically following the player during movement and attacks, providing players with more control over their gaming experience.

The update also modifies the ‘Camera Sensitivity (Horizontal)’ and ‘Camera Sensitivity (Vertical)’ settings, increasing the maximum setting from 10 to 20. This allows for more precise control over camera movements.

Furthermore, update 1.03 introduces three new controller layouts – types D, E, and F – offering players more options for customizing their controls.

Final Fantasy XVI Update 1.03 Patch Notes

  • Added ‘Motion Blur Strength’ setting to the System tab of the Main Menu, allowing players to adjust the strength of the motion blur effect.
  • Introduced ‘Player Follow (Movement)’ and ‘Player Follow (Attack)’ settings to prevent the camera from automatically following the player during movement and attacks.
  • Increased the maximum setting of ‘Camera Sensitivity (Horizontal)’ and ‘Camera Sensitivity (Vertical)’ from 10 to 20.
  • Added three new controller layouts: types D, E, and F.
  • Corrected an issue that affected the stability of some menus.
  • Fixed some text issues for improved readability.
  • Added the hashtag #FF16 for sharing screenshots or video clips on Twitter and YouTube.

Final Fantasy XVI is available now exclusively for the PS5.

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