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Forspoken PS5 Resolution and Frame Rate Revealed: How To Get The Best Experience?

Forspoken has received a demo on the PS5 giving early access to this upcoming Luminous Engine release and also providing an overview of its performance.

The game offers an ambitious open world with magic parkour and stylish abilities. It is a visually appealing game based on the gameplay footage and the Forspoken demo has now confirmed its resolution and frame rate.

There appear to be at least four different modes for Forspoken in the game. There is a Performance Mode, a Quality mode, and a Ray Tracing Quality mode. First up is the performance mode that manages to run the game at 60 FPS. It holds up quite decently as well by running the game closer to the 60 FPS target. The bad news here though is that this performance mode has an aggressive dynamic resolution scaling enabled which ranges from 1440p to 720p. This mode also runs at lower than 1080p for the most part of the gameplay but then upscales this to 1440p through AMD FSR 2.0.

The Quality mode runs at a dynamic resolution of 4K to 1080p. AMD FSR 2.0 is used here as well to achieve the target 4K resolution while the game runs at 30 FPS. It is a mostly smooth experience while if you have a 120 Hz display, it is possible to toggle an option in the settings menu to make the game run at 40 Hz.

In the ray tracing quality mode, the game drops the resolution between 1620p to 828p. This is a significant drop but on the plus side, there is a visual bump with ray-traced shadows and ambient occlusion added to the game. It gives the world a weighty feel to it. This mode can be run at 40 FPS as well by turning on the 120 Hz option in the game.

So if you are playing Forspoken, which graphics mode is best suited for you? If you are playing on a regular screen with no 120 Hz support, go with the performance mode. If you are playing on a 120 Hz screen, go with the ray tracing quality mode at 40 FPS.

Salal Awan

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