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Forza Motorsport Will Feature Ray Traced Global Illumination Exclusively On PC

Xbox and Turn 10’s upcoming sim racing game, Forza Motorsport, will feature ray traced global illumination (RTGI) exclusively on PC.

In a recently published Q&A, developer Turn 10 had apparently confirmed that its forthcoming sim racing game, Forza Motorsport, will feature ray traced global illumination (RTGI) exclusively on PC. However, that information has since been removed, though Twitter user ItsHoje was able to capture a screenshot of its mention in the Q&A.

Forza motorsport ray traced global illumination pc


Turn 10 explained that, in the PC version, when ray tracing is applied to global illumination, the game simulates how light accumulates color as it bounces color from surface to surface. For instance, a barrier next to a red rumble strip will be influenced by that color, creating a scene where all the pieces are connected.

According to the developer, Forza Motorsport leverages the full power and performance of Xbox Series X|S consoles and is its most beautiful, technically advanced game yet. As a result, it will not be ported over to Xbox One.

Among the main new features in Forza Motorsport is the advancement made to its physics model, which is said to be greater than the physics improvements seen in Forza Motorsport 5, 6, and 7 combined. According to the developer, this makes the driving experience more fun and rewarding in the way that the car accelerates, corners, and brakes.

The tire collision model now has 48 times more fidelity. Previously, it had a single point of contact with the track surface and moved at 60 cycles per second. The new model has eight points of contact with the track surface and runs at 360 cycles per second. Players can choose between hard, medium, and soft tire compounds, each with unique grip and wear characteristics.

Turn 10 has made curbs smoother and more natural to drive over, as tires feel the road and the undulation in the curb. It has also developed a realistic suspension model that is responsive while retaining the “Forza feel” players are familiar with. Players will need to adapt to environmental factors and how they change the gameplay to make every lap feel different. For example, dynamic time-of-day with weather, rubbering in and dynamic track temperatures affect tire characteristics such as grip, pressure, and wear.

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