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New Forza Motorsport In “Polishing Phase,” Set To Launch Later This Year

The new Forza Motorsport is currently in the “polishing phase”, and the game is set to launch sometime later this year in 2023.

In its first Forza Community Hubs update, developer Turn 10 Studios revealed that the new Forza Motorsport is currently in the “polishing phase”, and that the studio is preparing the game for launch later this year.

Forza motorsport launch

The developer also stated that it looks forward to hearing feature and track requests from fans, which will allow the development team to keep in mind what the community wishes to see most in the future. The post mentioned that Track Voting is a Motorsport-specific category, and the studio is seeing strong passion from racing fans globally for Interlagos, which is the #1 voted track, followed by Fujimi Kaido in the runner-up position. While the developer will be revealing the full list of the 20 locations featured in Forza Motorsport closer to release, it wants to hear from fans which other tracks they would like to see added later on.

Previously, some details regarding the new Forza Motorsport series were shared via the game’s creative director, Chris Esaki. For starters, he mentioned that the game will give players the flexibility of being able to play short 24 hours endurance races that can be completed in, say, 24 mins. He also mentioned that the physics system has been completely reworked. Prior games had a single point of contact per tire that updated at 60Hz, but the new Forza Motorsport will feature 8 points of contact per tire that update at 360Hz. He pointed out how the game offers a huge leap in the tire model fidelity, and it’s core of the gameplay experience.

Additionally, Esaki mentioned that the game supports different racing tire compounds, including soft, medium, and hard etc. The game also features completely rebuilt suspension and weight modeling, including the fuel, and also supports balance adjustments. Braking has also been completely re-done, and pretty much everything that affects vehicle dynamics has been rebuilt from scratch.

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