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Game Developers Have Begun Confirming Nintendo Switch 2 Support

Game developers have already started to confirm that they will support the Nintendo Switch 2 with their future titles.

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa recently confirmed that the announcement of the Switch 2 will happen before the end of the current fiscal year, which ends in March, 2025, after which some game developers have begun confirming support for the upcoming console.

Nintendo switch 2 developers

INSIDE SYSTEM, the developer behind The Legend of Dark Witch games, has confirmed that it will be working on a new version of the Majin Shoujo series with the intention of releasing it on the successor to the Nintendo Switch. Additionally, publisher EastAsiaSoft stated that, while there may not be any eastasiasoft titles present in the upcoming June, 2024, Nintendo Direct, fans can rest assured that it will fully support the Nintendo Switch successor in the future. The publisher has previously released games like Soldner-X Complete Collection, Mining Mechs, Super Woden GP II, Cyber Mission, Go Go Jump!!!, A Night on the Farm, True Colours – A Date With Deception, Schildmaid MX, Hot Blood for the Nintendo Switch.

Previously, a report from Nikkei had stated that Nintendo will launch its new console as early as March, 2025, which is later than what was suggested by prior rumors. It further mentioned that the console maker has prioritized streamlining the initial sales of the Nintendo Switch 2, and giving more time to game developers to create popular first party launch titles. The report also mentioned that Nintendo will attempt to expand sales of the Switch successor, by aligning marketing for its popular intellectual properties across mediums, including its games and movies. It was also said that the Nintendo Switch launched in 2017 with an insufficient initial shipment, resulting in shortage and widespread reselling. There was also a shortage of software for the new console, with only three Nintendo-developed titles. As per Nikkei, these are obstacles that the company is aiming to avoid with the Switch 2 launch.

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