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Nintendo Reportedly Focused On Switch 2 Stock Availability & First Party Titles, Retains Hybrid Design

Nintendo is reportedly focused on the availability of stock as well as popular first party titles for the forthcoming Switch successor, dubbed Switch 2.

According to a report from Nikkei, Nintendo will launch its new console as early as March, 2025, which is later than what was suggested by prior rumors. It further states that the console maker has prioritized streamlining the initial sales of the Nintendo Switch 2, and giving more time to game developers to create popular first party launch titles.

Nintendo switch 2 first party titles

The report also states that Nintendo will attempt to expand sales of the Switch successor, by aligning marketing for its popular intellectual properties across mediums, including its games and movies. It is also mentioned that the Nintendo Switch launched in 2017 with an insufficient initial shipment, resulting in shortage and widespread reselling. There was also a shortage of software for the new console, with only three Nintendo-developed titles. As per Nikkei, these are obstacles that the company is aiming to avoid with the Switch 2 launch. As a result, the launch of the Nintendo Switch 2 may be further pushed beyond March, 2025, depending on the progress in establishing production capability and developing first party titles that impact launch sales.

Additionally, Nikkei reports that the Nintendo Switch 2 will likely feature a hybrid design that lets it be both a console and a handheld to be used as a handheld, similar to the Switch. The console is also expected to offer a bigger display screen.

Recently, Twitter/X users phluttilippe and guisouzadias shared on the O X do Controle YouTube channel that the release of the Nintendo Switch 2 console will happen during the first quarter (between January and March) of 2025. They mentioned that they consulted 5 different sources from 3 different continents, all of whom essentially echoed the same information. They believe everything will be clarified next month in March, 2024.

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