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Games Leaving Game Pass In February Include FFXV Royal Edition and More

Microsoft has updated the list of games that will be leaving Xbox Game Pass in February and it includes Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition and others.

Xbox Game Pass gets updated every month with new and old games getting added to the service. The official website of Xbox Game Pass has been updated today to add a set of new games that will be leaving the service in February 2021.

While there are some smaller games included in the list, the big additions are Gris, which is an indie platformer, and Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition. This included all of the post-launch DLC in addition to the Episode Ardyn DLC. All of these games will be removed on February 1st.

Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass In February

  • Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition (Xbox One)
  • Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition (PC)
  • Gris (PC)
  • Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour (PC, Xbox One)
  • Indivisible (PC, Xbox One)
  • Sea Salt (PC, Xbox One)

There is still some time left before these games are taken down from the service, so you need to hurry up if you want to play them before they are taken down from the service.

Final Fantasy XV is a fantastic JRPG that improved on its launch with several quality-of-life updates and post-launch DLC. Gris is a charming indie platformer with a fantastic art style while Indivisible is a god throwback to the Valkyrie Profile series from Lab Zero Games.

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