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Gears of War 5 Weapon Duplication Exploit Fix Is Coming With An Update

The Coalition has confirmed that Gears of War 5 will get an update soon to fix the weapon duplication exploit that has been used in the multiplayer.

Gears of War 5 multiplayer players were able to use this exploit to duplicate their weapons in the Versus, Horde and Escape mode. To combat this issue, there will be a temporary fix applied by The Coalition until a patch is later released to fix it from the game.

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“We will be deploying a Server Side Update to address the weapon duplication exploit later today, ” said The Coalition on Twitter. “Dropping weapons will be temporarily disabled in Versus, Horde and Escape. Weapon trading is still available. This will be re-enabled once a full fix releases in an upcoming TU.”

While the current fix is temporary, there will be a title update released later that should patch out any exploit that can lead to weapon duplication.

Gears of War 5 is the second mainline game released this generation by The Coalition. It features a more open world with a hub-based design. The game also offers various multiplayer modes like the traditional Team Deathmatch, Versus, and the classic Horde mode. One of the new additions this time is the Escape mode.

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You can grab Gears of War 5 for Xbox One and PC. The game is also available on the Steam Store and supports cross-play between PC and Xbox One users.


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