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Death Stranding Day One Patch Is Quite Small For a Change

Death Stranding review codes are being sent out and the file size of the game was revealed. The day one patch for the game is apparently quite small.

Death Stranding has a review embargo set for November 1, which is a full week before the launch of the game. Critics are starting to get review copies of the game which means leaks are slowly starting to make their way online. It is too early to say which ones are real and which ones are fake, but if you are trying to avoid spoilers, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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While Death Stranding is now confirmed to have a file size of 48 GB, there is currently an update available for the game. Those who have the game need to download a day one patch but compared to the file size, it is respectable.

The day one patch for Death Stranding currently updates the game to version 1.02 and it is roughly 356 MB. As the game went gold at the end of September, it was always expected that there will be day one patch. It is a surprise that the patch has turned out to be this small in an age where we are getting almost a whole game as an update required to download for the retail copy.

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The game now has an ESRB rating including a description of the violence and nudity. Kojima has said that it will take “a lot of time” to complete Death Stranding. It is officially launching on November 8, 2019.

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