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Ghost of Tsushima has Sold 5M+ Copies, God of War Estimated At 20M+

Sony has shared a new sales update on the sales figure of both, Ghost of Tsushima, and God of War PS4. Both of them have sold through a lot of copies.

Ghost of Tsushima was one of the fastest-selling new IP from Sony Interactive Entertainment. It sold 2.4 million copies in its first three days, which was just behind the God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man but more than Horizon: Zero Dawn. As a new IP, this was a remarkable result for Sony.

In a new article that was published by the New York Times, Sony has shared an updated sales number for their games on PS4 including Ghost of Tsushima and God of War franchise.

Ghost of Tsushima has sold through more than 5 million copies since its debut in July. This is an impressive result for a new IP from Sony Interactive Entertainment. It took Horizon Zero Dawn two years to achieve 10 million copies sold and Ghost of Tsushima has already achieved more than half of the sales in less than a year.

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The other sales update was for the God of War franchise which also gives an estimate for the God of War PS4 sales. At one point, it was the fastest-selling first-party game by SIE Worldwide Studios but that record was broken with Marvel’s Spider-Man. The latest update puts the sales of the God of War franchise at 51 million. Back in May 2019, God of War sales exceeded 10 million copies while the franchise sales stood at 41 million. Since then, it has sold a further 10 million with the majority of them being from God of War PS4.

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