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Ghost of Tsushima Has Sold 6.5M Copies, Total 338M Software Sold Across PS4 and PS5 In FY20

Sony has shared an update on the sales figure for their first-party games including Ghost of Tsushima confirming that it has sold 6.5 million copies.

Ghost of Tsushima was a brand new IP by Sony. It has done well and ended up as both a critical and commercial success. The last updated number for the game was that it had shipped 5 million copies, but the latest quarterly results from Sony have confirmed that it has now shipped 6.5 million copies, up from the last reported figure. This number is as of March 22, 2021.

Sony didn’t update on the sales figure for their other blockbuster games including The Last of Us Part 2. Here’s the complete breakdown of the games that they have sold so far. They did confirm that they have sold more than 338 million units of software in FY20.

  • Bloodborne – 1 million (as of April 5, 2015)
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – 8.7 million (as of December 21, 2016)
  • Horizon Zero Dawn – 10 million (as of December 31, 2018)
  • God of War – 5 million (as of May 20, 2018)
  • Detroit Become Human – 3.2 million (as of August 31, 2019)
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man – 13.2 million (as of September 28, 2019)
  • The Last of Us Part 2 – 4 million (as of July 21, 2020)
  • Ghost of Tsushima – 6.5 million (as of March 22, 2021)

These numbers are not updated but they are the last reported numbers by Sony. God of War, for example, has been reported as over 10 million copies sold but this was not shared officially by Sony. The same should apply for other games like The Last of Us Part 2, which shipped these 4 million copies in just 3 days of its launch.

ghost of tsushima sales

Ghost of Tsushima has done well as a new IP For Sony and while it hasn’t managed to hit 10 million like Horizon Zero Dawn, it continues to garner critical and commercial success. The developers are currently working on a brand new game which from the job listings so far make it sound like it is a sequel to Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima is available now for the PS4. The game was also patched to add support for the PS5 with 60 FPS performance mode.

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