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Ghost of Tsushima Will Offer No Waypoints For Open World Exploration, Still On Track For June 26

Ghost of Tsushima is one of the last upcoming first-party games that will be developed by Sucker Punch. It received a preview in OPM UK recently.

OPM UK has released its May 2020 issue which has information on Ghost of Tsushima. It also includes a little tidbit on the backward compatibility support for the PS5.

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The first official preview of Ghost of Tsushima goes a lot in-depth into the various gameplay and story details presented in the game. It includes some interesting information on open-world exploration and how Sucker Punch is trying to design the world. If you want to read the complete preview, you can grab the full magazine for OPM UK from here.

Some of the interesting information regarding gameplay is summarized as follows.

  • The game is set on the Island of Tsushima
  • Akira Kurosawa is mentioned as one of the sources of inspiration
  • The game begins with an attack on the Island of Tsushima from the invading Mongol empire
  • The Island of Tsushima has to be explored without waypoints to guide the player
  • Players will need to use their knowledge of the world and landmarks to explore and discover locations
  • The story will pass as the player will explore the world. Titles will tell how much time has passed since the invasion
  • Enemy blood can be spilled with quick iaijutsu strikes
  • It is possible to roam around enemy camps undetected using the grappling hook
  • Jin can use gadgets like a sticky arrow and firebomb
  • There will be many allies as side-characters. The strength of their bond depends on the player’s choice.

The full preview goes more in detail on the various gameplay and story features. Sucker Punch wanted to convey the spirit of “mud, steel, and blood” and they were able to achieve it all in Ghost of Tsushima.

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The game is still on track to launch on June 26, 2020, exclusively for the PS4. If there is any planned delay, it wasn’t mentioned for now.

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