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PS5 BC Will Support Almost 4000 PS4 Games At Launch With High Resolution and FPS

PS5 is confirmed to have backward compatibility with the PS4, and this could lead to the older games running at a higher resolution and fps.

Sony recently held a technical presentation on the spec for the PlayStation 5. One of the news that was confirmed with this presentation was support for backward compatibility for the PS4 games. It has been revealed that there will be three different compatibility modes. One will emulate the base PS4, the other a PS4 Pro, while the last one will offer high resolution and frame rate with a native PS5 mode.

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Official PlayStation Magazine UK has issued its May 2020 subscription and it has confirmed that almost 4000 games will be playable on the PS5 through backward compatibility.

ps5 backward compatibility

“Almost 4,000 PS4 games will run on PS5 at launch, and they’ll feature higher resolutions and frame rates, ” reads a statement shared in the official PlayStation Magazine UK. You can get their May 2020 issue from here which also has new information on Ghost of Tsushima.

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This should be good news for those who were hoping to get backward compatibility for the PS5 along with a high resolution and frame rate. It doesn’t mean every game is guaranteed to offer such benefits but the majority of the 4000 games should be playable within their original limits including resolution and performance, and some might even surpass it.

Sony is currently aiming to launch its next-generation console, the PS5, during the Holiday 2020 period. They have assured that the launch will remain on target despite the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic worldwide. Both Sony and Microsoft are aiming for the Holiday 2020 period to release their next-generation consoles. In the race for better hardware, at least on paper, Xbox Series X appears to have a lead with better specs than the PS5.

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