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No Man’s Sky Update 2.41 Is Available Now, Get The Details Here

No Man’s Sky has been updated to version 2.41 for PS4. This update implements a number of fixes. Here’s what you need to know about this update.

Hello Games had updated the game recently to add support for Exo Mech, which is a new type of craft in the game. This Exo Mech can be unlocked easily and lets the players traverse the open-world with ease.

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The following set of issues were fixed in an update to the experimental branch of No Man’s Sky on PC. These issues should be a part of the No Man’s Sky update 2.41 that was released today. Get the complete patch notes below.

no man's sky update 2.41 patch notes

No Man’s Sky Update 2.41 Patch Notes

  • Fixed an issue on PC that could force cursor input to the edge of the screen.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause weather, Sentinel activity and a number of other planet stats to change.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Minotaur upgrade modules to be missing from the Exocraft technology shop aboard the Space Station.
  • Fixed an Xbox-only issue that caused each new interaction to need a new button press, eg when mass-harvesting plants.
  • Fixed an issue in PSVR that made interaction too sensitive.
  • Fixed an issue which allowed beam weapons to appear inside the cockpit of the Minotaur in VR.
  • Added a small number of missing decals to the Exocraft Customiser.
  • Fixed an issue on PS4 that caused Exocraft cockpit not to match the customisation of their exterior.
  • Fixed an issue on PS4 that prevented the Living Ship from playing takeoff and landing animations.
  • Fixed an issue on PS4 that could place players outside the terrain when exiting the Minotaur inside a cave.
  • Fixed an issue on PS4 that allowed Exocraft to occasionally fall through terrain.
  • Fixed a console-only crash that could occur when landing on an Exploration Frigate.
  • Fixed a crash related to hiding power lines.

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The game launched first on PS4 and PC and was later ported to the Xbox One. It also supports both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. It has received several major updates since launch, each one of them adding significant new features including support for VR and multiplayer.

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