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No Man’s Sky Exo Mech: How To Get Exo Mech Minotaur Geobay

No Man’s Sky has been updated today to add a new feature with the Exo Mech. These have to be unlocked in the game. Here’s how you can find one.

Exo Mech is one of the major new additions to No Man’s Sky. It allows the player to have more fun traversing around the open world and galaxy of No Man’s Sky.

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Exo Mech first has to be unlocked in the game. It is referred to as The Minotaur and comes with a pre-determined set of conditions to unlock it. These are not really hard requirements so most players should be able to easily unlock the Exo Mech.

no man's sky exo mech

How To Unlock Exo Mech In No Man’s Sky

  • Head to the Anomaly
  • Head over to the back and find the construction research station
  • You should be able to find plans to build Minotaur that require Salvaged Data
  • You can find Salvaged Data buried in planets by uncovering Buried Technology
  • Use the personal refinery duplication glitch if you have at least one Salvaged Data to duplicate them
  • Head back to the construction research station to the plans for Minotaur Geobay
  • Upgrades for the Exo Mech can be done at the Exocraft Technology Merchant in any Space Station
  • To unlock Exo Mech, open specialist items and pick up Minotaur Geobay

You can upgrade the mining laser with Terrain Manipulation capabilities and implement the ability to collect or harvest rare planetary resources.

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Exo Mech is a fun new way to traverse in the world of No Man’s Sky. You can also perform jumps and use the Exo Mech to mine for resources. Just make sure that you have the latest 2.40 update installed for the game.

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